True Keyword Testing with TMX for:



Open Source

Visual Studio

Functional Tester

Generate executable scripts for QTP, TestPartner, Open Source as well as Java, C++, VB, C#, TCL or other custom scriptting

Reduce training, license and implementation costs

Maintain automated test libraries with less cost, time and frustration

Create executable scripts prior to code availability

ScriptTech is dedicated to delivering the technology and services that guarantee your projects are not only on time and on budget, but meet the user requirements without defects.

ScriptTech continues to develop, service and sell the
TMX family of automation tools that empower your
test team to create and manage fully annotated and
executable scripts without time-consuming and
expensive training for QTP, TestPartner,
Visual Studio and other automation tools.

ScriptTech offers a scientific, mathematical
model-based way to be faster to market, with a
better product at a lower overall cost. It’s the
modern approach to software testing through our
partnership with Critical Logic.

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